A Healthy State of Mind offers naturopathic mental health care to support individuals suffering from mental illness and their families. We specialize in naturopathic approaches to treating mental illness and work collaboratively with psychologists, psychiatrists and other health care providers to optimize your mental and physical health. We work to keep the body in mind for optimal whole person health.

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  • Beets for Better Health - Diagnosis & Treatment Series II In the second post of the Diagnosis & Treatment blog series, I want to discuss beets. This vegetable is currently in season and possesses a host of health benefits, but is also very useful diagnostically (you can engage in some diagnosis yourself at home with the information that follows (ideally confirmed by laboratory testing)…) Note that there are several varieties of beets (Red, Golden Read More
  • Food Allergies and The Elimination Diet - Diagnosis & Treatment Series I Defining Reactions to Food Reactions to food are increasingly common and fall into a couple of categories: immune mediated (known as food allergies or food sensitivities) and non-immune mediated (often referred to as food intolerances). These non-immune mediated responses can include reactions to a variety of food compounds or additives (tyramine, histamine, aspartame (Nutrasweet), salicylates, lectins and lactose intolerance). A food allergy is an Read More
  • Functional Medicine at A Healthy State of Mind - This post is to update my current and future patients and readers that I recently attended a five-day intensive continuing medical education course offered by The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), located in Federal Way, Washington. Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice addresses one of the key issues in healthcare practice today – improving the management of complex, chronic disease. IFM programs utilize the emerging research base to identify Read More
  • The New Normal: How A Naturopath Looks at Laboratory Testing for Optimal Health - Have you ever gone to your doctor feeling that something was off, but testing revealed that 'nothing' was wrong? At least nothing according to conventional medical diagnosis of disease and interpretation of laboratory test results... In naturopathic and functional medicine, however, we are taught to use laboratory testing (along with an in-depth physical exam and history) to detect subtle and early imbalances that precede what conventional medical providers deem Read More
  • SMART Goals – A tool to help you realize your goals - With a New Year upon us, many are inclined to set resolutions for the year ahead – many of which relate to health. To ensure that your goals (health or otherwise) are more realistic and successful, I wanted to share with you about ‘SMART’ goals. These goals, along with a worksheet, are elaborated in the Institute for Functional Medicine’s ‘Goal Setting for Behavior Change’ patient handout. ‘SMART’ stands for: Read More
  • Are you getting enough nutrients? - Have often have you heard, if you eat a balanced diet, you will obtain all of the nutrients that you need? But what is a balanced diet? And in an age where our food quality is often poorer than that of our ancestors due to loss of nutrients with shipping and storage, modern agricultural practices and lower soil quality (less nutrients in the soil), how many of us can Read More
  • What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You - I was interviewed for the article posted below in conjunction with teaching a Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam class for Doctoral Nutrition Students at Maryland University of Integrative Health. I will share more of my teaching work in a future post/website update. For now I will leave you with this article – I hope that you find it of interest/help: Article Source: Razdan, A. (2016, Apr.). What Your Body is Trying Read More
  • Sensitivity, HSPs & Homeopathy - ‘Sensitivity’ can be a loaded term in our culture and has a number of connotations, many not very positive. Elaine Aron, Ph.D., author of The Highly Sensitive Person, defines a sensitive person as one who is aware of subtleties in their surroundings, more readily overwhelmed after being in a stimulating environment for too long and possessing a number of other traits; such as being more cautious, needing more downtime, Read More

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