• A Healthy State of Mind offers information, services and support to individuals suffering from mental illness and their families. We specialize in naturopathic approaches to treating mental illness and work collaboratively with psychologists, psychiatrists and other health care providers to optimize your mental and physical health.

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    About Dr. Fry

    Dr. Fry has a B.Sc. in Nutritional Biochemistry from McGill University, a Naturopathic doctoral degree from NCNM, has completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at OHSU and studied at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich.

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    • Now booking new patients for October 2015 and beyond. Call to find out about availability and to book an appointment.


    • To my readers:

      I so enjoy writing about naturopathic health-related topics in mental health and keeping interested readers, patients and colleagues informed. At times there are just too many demands to put together a cogent blog post and newsletter…and now is one of them! I am currently working on several fronts in both my practice,…> read more

    • May is National Physical Fitness and Sports month {http://www.fitness.gov/}, and with the warmer days and more sun, it hopefully is easier for people to get motivated to move! Doctors have a tendency to overlook or understate the value of exercise in being busy to find the best treatment(s) for a patient’s ills (I include myself…> read more