• A Healthy State of Mind offers information, services and support to individuals suffering from mental illness and their families. To provide services to those outside of the Portland region, we will be offering a variety of services in the near future- please check back soon to find out more. We specialize in naturopathic approaches to treating mental illness and work collaboratively with psychologists, psychiatrists and other health care providers to optimize your mental and physical health.

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    About Dr. FryDr. Fry has a B.Sc. in Nutritional Biochemistry from McGill University, a Naturopathic doctoral degree from NCNM, has completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at OHSU and studied at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich.

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  • Philosophy & MissionA Healthy State of Mind, LLC came into being with the intent to offer compassionate, competent and customized care to those suffering from mental illness. The spiral was chosen to represent this work for it symbolizes the healing journey, one in which we wind around a state of mind and body until we work through this pattern and rise up and out of it. The

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    • SMART Goals – A tool to help you realize your goals With a New Year upon us, many are inclined to set resolutions for the year ahead – many of which relate to health. To ensure that your goals (health or otherwise) are more realistic and successful, I wanted to share with you about ‘SMART’ goals. These goals, along with a worksheet, are elaborated in the Institute for Functional Medicine’s ‘Goal Setting for Behavior Change’ patient handout.

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    • Have often have you heard, if you eat a balanced diet, you will obtain all of the nutrients that you need? But what is a balanced diet? And in an age where our food quality is often poorer than that of our ancestors due to loss of nutrients with shipping and storage, modern agricultural practices and lower soil quality (less nutrients in the soil), how many of us can really derive optimal levels of nutrients from our food? There are a few approaches to assessing nutrient status. One relies on an analysis of the diet, another on laboratory testing of blood and/or urine and a third relies on findings from a nutrition-focused physical exam. > read more

      I was interviewed for the article posted below in conjunction with teaching a Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam class for Doctoral Nutrition Students at Maryland University of Integrative Health. I will share more of my teaching work in a future post/website update. For now I will leave you with this article – I hope that you find…> read more