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Magnetism and Mental Health

Micronutrients in Mental Health Series II In last month’s blog post on iron’s role in mental (and physical) health, we covered one of a trio of ferromagnetic metals found in nature. Cobalt is another such metal that has a prominent role in our mental (and physical) health. Cobalt is seldom found in its free form, needing […]

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Is low iron getting you down?

Micronutrients in Mental Health Series I Over time I will be covering different vitamins and minerals and their role in mental (and physical) health.  In mental health I think that the role of optimal nutrition is often overlooked. This blog series aims to change that and to offer you a glimpse into homeopathic forms of nutrients […]

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The New Normal: How A Naturopath Looks at Laboratory Testing for Optimal Health

Have you ever gone to your doctor feeling that something was off, but testing revealed that ‘nothing’ was wrong? At least nothing according to conventional medical diagnosis of disease and interpretation of laboratory test results… In naturopathic and functional medicine, however, we are taught to use laboratory testing (along with an in-depth physical exam and […]

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