What to Expect

The first visit is 2 hours in length.  During the visit, I will take a thorough medical history and may perform a physical exam if indicated/time permits.  Typically preliminary suggestions/medicine may be offered in the first visit, with a customized functional/integrative treatment plan conveyed to you in a follow-up visit a week following your initial visit. Thereafter I generally see patients  at a 1-2 week interval early on in treatment and then, provided your response to treatment is good, visits can generally switch to a monthly schedule, becoming less frequent over time as you improve.

Follow-up appointments are typically 45 minutes in duration.

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Privacy Practices

I take patient privacy very seriously and go to great lengths to ensure that your information remains confidential. As I do not bill insurance directly, this means that your records remain solely in the hands of your physician (and within a secure electronic health charting system and portal (SmartND)), unless you formally authorize your records be released to another healthcare practitioner or therapist. Billing is performed so that bookkeepers/accountants do not have any access to patient names or identifying information. The only instance where your information (name, address, phone number ) would be released is when medicines are drop shipped directly to you (and should you want to avoid this, there are other options for shipping).

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