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I help adults and adolescents to get relief from unexplained physical symptoms and psychological stress so that they can reclaim health, vitality and resilience.

Do you suffer from problems sleeping, digestive upset or a chronic condition that no one has been able to find an effective treatment or explanation for?

Maybe you have the nagging feeling that a key contributor to your symptoms is not being considered? Or maybe something in your history has been overlooked or forgotten (an early life stress or trauma) that is an obstacle to you achieving optimal health and a sense of well-being?

Perhaps you have been to see a number of doctors and are not getting to the bottom of what the problem is, or are being told by specialists that they don’t know what is wrong with you and that maybe it is ‘psychosomatic’ or ‘all in your head’.

Mary Fry ND| Natural/Holistic Medicine for Stress, Trauma Portland Oregon

Have you been struggling with feeling anxious or depressed, over-stimulated or caught in persistent disturbing thought patterns?

Perhaps you have been working hard with a psychotherapist or counselor and making gains in your psychological awareness and health, but struggling to make similar gains in your physical health?

I frequently encounter these challenges and work closely with them my patients to identify the missing pieces that have not been accounted for in their prior medical care, and are needed to attain optimal mental, emotional and physical health.

You know this: We are not just a mind or a body. Rather, we are a harmonized, intelligent and inter-related energy system that needs a form of natural or holistic medicine that appreciates and understands that we are an integrated whole. My goal is to help you to find answers, to recover from stress, trauma and the despair and frustration that unexplained medical symptoms can bring, so that you can feel calm, resilient and vibrant.

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