Blog Status Fall 2014 | A Healthy State of Mind

Posted by Mary R. Fry, N.D. on Friday, October 17, 2014

To my readers:

I so enjoy writing about naturopathic health-related topics in mental health and keeping interested readers, patients and colleagues informed. At times there are just too many demands to put together a cogent blog post and newsletter…and now is one of them! I am currently working on several fronts in both my practice, in teaching and in co-writing a research paper on the efficacy of naturopathic mental health care in a community medical center. When things settle down a little more, I look forward to writing about what I have been learning and working with in practice. In the interim, please feel free to peruse past blog posts, write with suggestions of topics you would like to see covered in future (you can email me directly from the Contacts page), and remember to eat well, work on good quality sleep, exercise regularly, live in harmony with the changing season (more on this can be learned from my Winter Blues blog post) and to manage your stress levels as much as possible.

I wish you the very best of health and look forward to posting new material in 2015!


Mary Fry, N.D.

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