My Philosophy

Here is what I believe and what informs the work that I do:

  • Symptoms are not our foes but our friends. They are inviting us to pay attention to imbalances and illness and to heal.
  • The mind and body are one (mind~body) and effective medicine operates from this paradigm.
  • Healing requires relationship; it is the relationship between patient and practitioner that reveals what needs to be healed and the best medicines and interventions to effect this change.
  • Stress is a necessary, and even positive part, of life. It is its chronicity and severity that takes a toll on one’s health.
  • Nature heals. Getting in touch with nature both outdoors and our own inner nature brings about much solace and healing. Natural remedies help one’s nature to unfold and come into bloom.
  • Life and learning are inextricably linked. As a physician, I am continually working to learn more to be of help to my patients. Moving towards a life of optimal health involves learning new things about oneself and a new way of relating to/being in the world.
  • Details matter. We are each a rich fabric of many experiences, emotions, challenges and stressors. Getting to the root cause(s) of dis-ease requires a careful accounting of, and sifting through one’s biographical and biological history.
  • Change is constant. A sign of a healthy body and mind is one that can readily adapt to change. Effective medicine stays abreast of change and combines ancient wisdom with modern science.
  • Systems and structures can be freeing. I use these to keep my left brain occupied and on track so that my right brain to tap into intuition and into the emotional and psychological realms when I work clinically. For patients, systems and structures help to create rhythms and routines that promote and maintain health.

I invite you to read about how I work with patients by clicking here.