Naturopathic Philosophy of Health and Disease| Portland, OR | A Healthy State of Mind

A Healthy State of Mind, LLC came into being with the intent to offer compassionate, competent and customized care to those suffering from mental illness. The spiral was chosen to represent this work for it symbolizes the healing journey, one in which we wind around a state of mind and body until we work through this pattern and rise up and out of it. The spiral is also emblematic of everything being continually in motion, as our bodies are to keep us alive and well.

The movement of the spiral, as with the movement of our bodies, can be either creative or destructive. The spiral coiling in a clockwise direction, or toward the right, represents a movement towards consciousness and creativity. When twirling in a counterclockwise direction, or toward the left, there is a movement towards the unconscious, towards a potentially more destructive pattern. Life is a balancing act between these natural cycles of creation and destruction, between the pull towards greater consciousness and the tension of remaining in a less conscious state.

While there seems to be a beginning, middle, and an end to illness, and to the spiral, in reality, there is a continuum of being in and out of balance, or, in the case of the spiral, a continual coiling and uncoiling. Each time one truly heals from an imbalance however, one ascends to another coil of the spiral encountering illness, suffering and the impetus for growth from a different, more conscious level.

The head of spirals that comprises the image in the logo, faces toward the right. This placement represents the transition that occurs in the healing process, one from a more unconscious state of being (generally associated with the left side of the body), to a more conscious state of being (generally associated with the right side of the body).

The name, “A Healthy State of Mind”, was chosen to represent the philosophy of holistic treatment; that is to say that when one manifests symptoms, this is merely a state of imbalance and not a permanent experience. With treatment that stimulates one’s innate healing capacity, this state transforms into a newer, healthier state in which one has more freedom to live out their potential.